Muni Audition Workshop Recap

You may have heard Muni held an audition workshop this weekend. Or if you didn’t, you might be panicking, “Shoot! I missed it! How will I ever be prepared to audition?!”

Have no fear! The Muni Moment is here to fill you in on all the important details needed to make your audition magical.

First of all, this is just one of my favorite days of the year. The magical kick off. For many, it’s a reunion of friends, and the excitement in the air is palpable.

The workshop is a fast and furious run down of the Muni audition process, show staff introductions, and it is full of words of encouragement from the staff. Here are some highlights:

Muni board member, Dan Humphries emceed the event and welcomed everyone to the workshop. Muni President, Jim Leach, shared his thanks to everyone for coming out to the event, and noted the importance of volunteering at Muni. Following introductions, each show got a chance to come up and introduce their staff, and share a little bit about their vision for their productions.

Peter Pan:

  • Staff:
    • Director-Elizabeth Cheney
    • Assistant Director-Jacob Deters
    • Vocal Director-Becky Kemp
    • Choreographer-Anna Bussing-Maisenbacher
    • Producer-Julie Herpel
  • The staff noted that this production of Peter Pan is open to any gender playing the roles. Peter may be played by a male or female, and the same goes for lost boys, pirates, etc. Director, Elizabeth Cheney, also reiterated that the role of Peter Pan is a physically demanding role, and that whoever is cast will need to be willing to cut his/her hair come mid-April for promotional footage. Whoever gets the amazing opportunity to portray Peter Pan, we know they will rock that Pixie cut! For auditions, they are asking that performers sing something that showcases their vocal range, but that does not necessarily have to be something from Peter Pan itself.


  • Staff
    • Director-Craig Williams II
    • Assistant Director-Courtney Wick
    • Vocal Director-Christie Lazarides
    • Choreographer-Zoey Zara
    • Producer-Mike Rogers
  • Director, Craig Williams II, gave a beautiful synopsis of the life of the influential, Eva Peron, and touched briefly on the other supporting roles that interact with Eva along the way. Williams noted that each character is incredibly dynamic and share important messages with the audience. Evita has not been performed on the Muni stage sing the 1980s, and after today, it is clear this is a show you do not want to miss!

Thoroughly Modern Millie:

  • Staff
    • Director/Choreographer-Morgan Kaplan
    • Director/Choreographer-Andrew Maynerich
    • Assistant Director-Stacy Kolaz
    • Vocal Director-Diane Dietz
    • Apprentice Director-Danny Guttas
    • Producer-Dan Humphries
  • If you’re looking for a upbeat, dance heavy show, Thoroughly Modern Millie is for you! Co-Directors, Morgan Kaplan and Andrew Maynerich, set the tone of the fast pace and high energy of this wonderful show. They noted that this is a dance heavy show, particularly in tapping. A video of the tap audition combination will be posted on the Muni’s Facebook page in the next couple of weeks for those wanting to get a head start on practicing. A change in Muni’s production of Millie is that the role of Mrs. Meers is planned to be cast as a male. The character will have a sweet, “southern belle” accent when in character as Mrs. Meers, but when not around Millie and the other girls, “Mr. Meers” will be a more gruff, Brooklyn persona.

The Wizard of Oz:

  • Staff
    • Director-Anna McFarland
    • Director-Connor McNamara
    • Vocal Director-Sara Baltusevich-Goeckner
    • Choreographer-Casey Tester
    • Producer-Mary Matheny
  • Co-Director, Anna McFarland, addressed the audience along with her partner, Connor, wearing fabulous ruby red Converse shoes. Just by looking at her, you could tell her whole heart is in this show. Both directors shared words of their love for the show, the movie, and celebrated that the movie would be celebrating its 80th anniversary in August when our own Wizard of Oz  will take the stage. The directors noted they will be staying true to the movie, but are planning to keep the ensemble very busy, including using the children cast in other numbers outside of Munchkinland. The WOZ staff has specific songs cuts they are hoping to hear from the four main leads-if interested in one of these roles, see below contact information for collecting sheet music.

It was a wonderful kick off to what is sure to be an incredible season full of wishes and dreams come true. Right now, our wish is for you to come out and audition! Set on a show already? You can email them here for music to prepare for your audition!

Peter Pan:
Thoroughly Modern Millie:
The Wizard of Oz:

Got your music, and your dream roles picked out? Make a list of conflicts and sign up for an audition slot!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some great audition tips from a guest-blogger and one of Muni’s most highly regarded volunteers!

See you under the stars,

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