The 5 Stages of Muni Monday

Auditioning is stressful, don’t get me wrong. But the anxiety of waiting for that fateful phone call letting you know you’ve landed a role is Just. The. Worst. I’ve auditioned for lots of shows, at several different theaters, but lemme tell ya – there is no nervous like Muni Monday nervous. Muni Monday is an ORDEAL. It’s an all-day happening, causing your heart to race any time you think the word “Muni”. You’re a nervous wreck. You’ve potentially waited for a week and a half to hear any news. You’re snapping at everyone (just me?). It’s the worst. I’ve pinpointed the five stages you might experience as you live out your own Muni Monday.

  1. Excitement – You wake up, realizing today’s the day! We finally get faces to put with the characters for a whole summer of fabulous theater. You start casting the shows in your own head, based on the amazing talent within your audition groups. It’s like an unwritten contest to see how closely your predictions line up with the actual casting. crushed it
  2. Anger – There is no angrier person than a Muni Auditionee who gets a call on Muni Monday from their Aunt Susan. C’mon Susan. I’ll call you on Tuesday, let’s leave the phone lines open, mmkay?                    susan.gif
  3. Nervousness – As I said before, just thinking about your phone ringing, or thinking about Muni, can cause your blood pressure to spike. It’s a feeling that will last all day. Every text message, noise on the TV, or car horn on the street will have you on edge. Even though you know calls don’t start until after 6:00, you will find yourself checking that your phone is on loud on your lunch break, ya know, just in case.nervous
  4. Anticipation – As your friends start posting their casting news, the anticipation and hope for your phone call rises. There goes that blood pressure again…anticipation.gif
  5. The Resolve – Come Tuesday Morning, all casting has been completed, and if you’re a lucky one, you’ll be sharing the news of your newly cast role with your friends and family on social media. You may even drop Aunt Susan a line to fill her in. If it happens that this year, you’ll be watching from the audience, remember there’s always next year. Belt “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” at the top of your lungs, have a good cry (trust me, I’ve been there, and it helps!), but remember there are SO many ways to get your name out there. Volunteer as an usher or a stage crew member. Show up to paint some sets or make some Muni Dogs. Put a smile on your face, make yourself known and go in vocal cords a-blazin’ next year!


Happy Muni Monday, Friends! May the odds be ever in your favor.     hunger games.gif


See You Under the Stars,


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