Season Tickets, Backstagers, and Lawn Seating…Oh My!

It’s crunch time, ladies and gentlemen! We are now just a little over a month away from opening night of Peter Pan. Have you gotten your tickets yet? Not sure where to start? Below you will find some of the ways you can acquire tickets, and some of those methods also come with extra perks. Read on!

Season Tickets

Season Tickets are a great investment for those Muni lovers who know they will be seeing every show, or for those superfans who plan on catching multiple performances of one of our four shows. Seasons Tickets give you four reserved tickets that can be used in any combination within the season. For example, use one for each of our four shows, or even use all four in one evening and take the whole family! Season Ticket holders can start reserving their seats today (4/22), so hurry and get yours so you can lock in the best seat in the house. For more info:


Muni is an all-volunteer organization. Our productions would not be possible without our amazing volunteers or our loving and supportive community. When it comes to financial assistance, our Backstagers are the bee’s knees, and we love them! We also love to show them we love them!

“Backstagers memberships, beginning at $50 and available at many levels, come with many special benefits. At various levels, Backstager memberships include coupons for Muni popcorn and fountain drinks, season passes, and yes, even premium parking and exiting. Backstagers get first pick of the best seats in the house as well as other special opportunities. We also recognize Backstagers for their financial support by inclusion in the Muni programs throughout our season.”

If you were already considering season tickets, why not go an extra step and become a Backstager. The Backstager event is not one you’ll want to miss! For more info on Backstagers:

Lawn Seating

Let’s be honest, friends. Some theaters are TIGHT quarters. It is not always enjoyable to watch your favorite musical next to Suzy Sing-a-Long and Steve Snores-a-lot. Muni provides you with fresh air and comfortable reserved seating, but if you still feel like you need a little more space, Muni offers General Admission where you may bring in your own lawn chair or blanket.

The promotional photos are out, the grounds are being cleaned, and the first show has already been out working on sets. It is getting real, y’all! Get your tickets so you can be part of the magic!

See you under the stars,


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