Mrs. Meers’ Monday Morning Muni Moment

WOW! I’M WRITING A BLOG FOR THE MUNI! 6 years ago, I remember bawling my eyes out watching The Muni’s Les Miserables and being star-struck by all these famous people and now here I am publishing content for them!? I sort of feel like a dog must feel when they get a treat: I have no idea what’s going on but you KNOW I’m gonna scarf down that dog biscuit…er rather, type up a quality content blogget! (I DON’T CARE IF THAT’S NOT EVEN A WORD – IT’S A WORD NOW AND IT DESCRIBES EXACTLY AS I FEEL!)

It’s the week of the show and, WE CANNOT WAIT! If you love tap-dancing: this is the show for you. If you love a good romance story: this is the show for you. If you love a creepy man dressing up in drag and kidnapping women: this is the show for you. If you love Eva Peron and this your first time ever hearing about the Muni: well, I have bad news for you BUT STILL THIS IS THE SHOW FOR YOU. Because quite literally everyone should enjoy this show. Unless you hate shows that don’t make you sad, then you might want to check out Spring Awakening this fall coming to the STC stage directed by yours truly (THAT’S RIGHT A SHAMELESS PLUG!)

BUT I DIGRESS. I have seen Thoroughly Modern Millie two times in my life and I absolutely fell in love with the show. It’s funny. It’s cute. The music is catchy. The dancing is impressive. And it’s not just some sappy love story with no plot! 

Basically, Millie shows up to New York and is like: “I want to be an actress.” Or something like that. IDK. I’m still trying to channel my inner-femaleat that point. But New York kind of tears her apart. Then this dude crashes into her, they have a spat. He mocks her. But she’s like: “Whatever dude. I’m gonna marry rich. Problem solved.” And she begins her quest to marry rich. Problem is while all that’s going down, this other dude dresses up like a lady and kidnaps orphans (kind of like Daddy Warbucks except for the whole dressing up as a lady thing. IDK. I’ve never seen Annie). Meanwhile Millie tries whatever it takes to get her boss to fall in love with her- including making him sing like ridiculously fast. (Think Guns and Ships from Hamilton and then knock it up about 1000 BPM). Then while you’re all distracted with the fancy dancing and singing, Peyton Knowski swoops in and steals your heart. And that folks, it’s what the Muni is all about.

I think that’s the plot of the show. It sounds like it probably is. But you’ll have to come watch it yourself and tell me if I’m right. 

But today is special. It’s the last week before we open.  This last week is always the most fun for your theatre friends. We generally don’t go to sleep until after midnight. We lose contact with anyone from the outside world. We also eat a pretty messed up diet of Twizzlers and Starbucks coffee. So it’s sort of like we’re on Gilligan’s Island – I think. Plus we are all on edge – ready to explode at any minute either in a volcanic eruption of anger or a nice-calm emotional breakdown. SOMETIMES BOTH! So it’s DEFINITELY like we’re on Gilligan’s Island.

So grab your tap shoes and a friend and come see this funny, heart-warming, slightly creepy production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. And if you don’t leave the theatre with a smile on your face – the Muni will refund you personally. Probably. Maybe not. WHO KNOWS! I’VE ONLY BEEN HERE FOR THREE YEARS!

See you soon, friends!

Mrs. Meers