#MyFirstMuniAudition-Greg Donathan

We are just 20 short days away from the official kick off to our 2020 Muni season with the Audition Workshop on February 15th! The workshop is a fantastic event for those looking to learn about the Muni audition process, meet the show staffs, and to get a glimpse at what #MuniFamily is all about. Auditioning for any show can be intimidating, and auditioning for up to four Muni shows all at once can be a whole new level, but our workshop aims to ease any fears a new auditionee may have. To start off our 2020 blogging season for The Muni Moment, we asked our 2020 President and each director to share their first Muni audition story. Every person who has been in a Muni show has that first audition experience, filled with nerves and anticipation of receiving that casting call. So this week, take a trip back in time with five Muni veterans and experience how they made it through that first audition and have come to return year after year.

To start our week, President Greg Donathan shares his experience. Greg auditioned 20 years ago for the first time, and a lot has changed! In those 20 years since he first auditioned, Greg has become the epitome of #MuniFamily as you will soon read: 

My first Muni audition was in what is now the Hoogland Center in 2000. At the time, the space was still the Masonic Temple and as I remember, the entire building was under renovation. At this time, you physically signed up (no online system) and waited for your number to come up to sing. It was an all day event (just a little anxiety provoking).  I remember stepping onto the stage and being oh-so-nervous. I recall the accompanist having to hit my starting note twice as I didn’t seem to want to start singing! The auditions were also an open event at that time and even though I was new to town, I already knew it was tagged “the best free show in town.” I sang my song and was happy to have gotten through it!  I did two shows my first summer, Cinderella and Children of Eden. It was a wonderful summer and I made lifelong friendships that I maintain to this day. The audition process has become SO MUCH BETTER since my first. You can register online, spend an hour in a CLOSED audition with a few other auditionees, and then spend an hour dancing. It is incredibly efficient and worth the time. 

Over the past twenty years, my wife, four children and I have made incredible memories with our Muni family. The relationships and bonds you develop from spending your summer under the Muni stars are so strong. I can’t imagine life without the Muni and the Muni family. If you have never auditioned, auditioned a hundred times or want to be involved in another way, you will not be regretful!  Come join the family!  

Stay tuned for more first audition tales from all four directors!

See you under the stars,

Greg Donathan

Muni President