#MyFirstMuniAudition-Reggie Guyton

My Muni Audition experience was kind of wild looking back at it! I felt so out of place and had no idea what I was doing, but I remember so many people being around and just generally cheery! If you asked me WHO was there I could definitely say Craig Williams and Anna Maisenbacher (I was auditioning for Hairspray) but there were SO MANY PEOPLE that I would come to know and really like. 

I was SO NERVOUS. I never auditioned for community theater outside of my college, Let alone in a GROUP setting. It was a little intimidating to not know anyone, except  the friends who told me about the Muni (Thanks Dan and Lauren Nichols!). Realistically, everything was okay. Breathing helped– Or remembering to breathe rather. As we all walked into the basement, Everything seemed light. There was a little bit of nervousness in the air, but the directors introduced themselves and again told us to breathe. They explained what would happen and then we started. A few people went before I did and after their audition was done, people were courteous. No one was rude or mean, people often applauded after people sang. Some even were asked to read.

SO… I get called up to sing for the Muni staff for the first time. I’m nervous as hell, but kind of giddy and ready to get it over with. I can’t remember who was accompanying my audition (I think it was Dave Barnes, but I literally was in and out of consciousness-I was that scared), but thankfully they knew exactly what I meant when I was whispering about what tempo I was aiming for. When that was all said and done, I gave it my best go. I was shaking and trying not to let the nerves get through, but I made it, DID NOT vomit, and was able to breathe again. Again people were supportive and I felt good about what I’d just done.

After that was a dance audition where I felt like I could cut loose a little bit. I was determined to make up for anything that I didn’t necessarily give in my vocal audition. Plus, this gave me some place to shove the nerves. Even though it was PACKED, there was still a lot of camaraderie (and maybe a little friendly competition) in the room. I knew that choreographers generally look for three things in an audition: personality, how well you pick up choreo, and what you do when you mess up. At the very least, I was gonna give it a little bit of personality. I wanted to have FUN. 

So we learn the choreo and it was like 45 seconds or a chorus of a song or something along those lines… And I’m feeling kind of good at some parts, kind of okay at others, but pretty soon it was time for the group I was in to audition. We went in and I of course stumble a little bit but I keep going. Right as the end of the song happens, I was thinking about trying to do SOMETHING to distinguish myself and COMPLETELY stumbled over myself and fell into a FULL SPLIT. Be careful what you wish for right?” 

Reggie Guyton

The rest is history…. thank you so much to Reggie for sharing his first experience with Muni. We are so excited to see how he distinguishes himself behind the scenes.